The Top 10 HVAC Distributors in the USA 2023

The Top 10 HVAC Distributors in the USA 2023

We’ve reviewed our 2022 list of the best HVAC distributors and HVAC suppliers and added a few more top HVAC companies to this year’s roundup. For the 2023 list of HVAC businesses to know about, check out our top 10 and a handful of extras who are well worth the mention. New regulations and industry standards from the CDC and ASHRAE are now placing even greater emphasis on the importance of proper building ventilation. From preventing transmissible diseases to curing sick building syndrome, the HVAC industry has their work cut out. Poor indoor air quality is a growing concern for many and the industry must now meet customer demands for even better quality systems that help cost save and improve quality of living too.

For more information on HVAC trade shows, conferences and expos, check out our blog post on notable HVAC events to attend in the USA in 2023 and 2024. Learn more about the TADIRAN AIROW 3™, a discrete air purification device that fits onto wall-mounted AC units and neutralizes airborne pathogens.

From supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic to COVID outbreaks at sites to greater than ever public awareness around indoor air quality, HVAC distributors have had to contend with a unique set of challenges over the past year. But air conditioning professionals have risen to the occasion, with a number of firms standing out as super stars in the field. 

Consumers and air care professionals turn to HVAC distributors to provide them with expert advice on the latest developments in the space, including air purification. With COVID generating interest around cutting-edge ways to cleanse and purify indoor air, HVAC distributors serve as a trusted resource for those wanting to learn more. 

As technology rapidly advances, HVAC distributors can advise on whether or not particular air purifiers can fit into their customers’ existing systems, and which purifiers are the best suited to their site’s needs. By helping clients navigate the air purifier options on the market, HVAC distributors play a critical role in the air care space. Without the connections they form with leading contractors, spec engineers, technicians, and others, manufacturers would struggle to reach the people who benefit most from their products.

Ranking the best distributors isn’t easy, and we think that it requires more than a pure mathematical analysis based on revenues. Less tangible factors like customer satisfaction and how many years a company has been operating were also taken into consideration when creating this list.

Thanks to their mix of industry-leading customer care, adept installation of advanced technology, brand reputation, and quality of work, these companies are considered among the best national HVAC distributors.

The Top 10 American HVAC Wholesale Distributors

1. Watsco

Kicking off our list is Watsco, the largest distributor of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment in the US. Originally established in the 1940s, this company slowly grew via grassroots acquisitions of smaller AC wholesale distributors and then transitioned to buying bigger names in the HVAC industry. By the late 1990s, Watsco became a billion dollar company and has dominated the American HVAC space ever since.

2. Carrier

A new entry for us this year, Carrier has been named by U.S. News as number 1 in its list of top HVAC businesses in 2023, with all 16 of its HVAC systems receiving high ratings. Carrier has been in business since 1902. Willis Carrier, founder, designed the first modern air-conditioning system and patented it in 1904. Today it offers energy-saving technology with its industry-leading products.

3. Ferguson Enterprises

With over one million products available for purchase on its site, this HVAC wholesaler is a favorite for many air care professionals. Ferguson is also highly committed to social goods, adopting a sustainability platform and providing grants for disaster relief, emergency housing, and clean water and sanitation.


Another well-established name, MORSCO was established in 1917. The HVAC division of the company takes a highly specialized approach to market domination, focusing exclusively on the state of Texas. This honing-in tactic has served them well, as their branches and supply are perfectly suited to their regional markets and give them a leg up over competitors that aren’t as tuned in to what Texan HVAC professionals want.

5. Trane Supply

Thanks to its cutting-edge app that puts convenience and technical expertise at the fingertips of HVAC professionals, Trane earned a well-deserved spot on our list. A staggering 360 locations throughout the U.S., coupled with a network of independent wholesale distributors and official supply branches, make Trane easily accessible to customers across the country.

6. Hajoca

Founded in 1858 – yes, they’ve been around for more than 160 years – Hajoca’s longevity is a testament to the quality of its business model and products. With more than 400 locations in 40 states, Hajoca allows its branches to operate similarly to franchises. That means customers get the best of both worlds, enjoying the confidence that comes with an established brand, alongside the personal customer service experience of a small business.

7. Johnstone Supply

Portland, Oregon-based HVAC distributor Johnstone Supply has experienced explosive growth during the chaotic pandemic period. In 2020 alone, the company recruited nearly 300 new employees and opened 15 new branches. Johnstone has proven to be focused on green business practices, as it’s become the number one recycler of mercury products among HVAC and refrigeration distributors. 

8. Koch Air

This Midwestern company is a triple threat, offering parts and supplies, along with solutions for both commercial and residential spaces. Family owned and operated since 1936, Koch Air originally focused on installation but is now solely a distributor of HVAC products. 

9. Russell Sigler Inc.

Arizona-based independent HVAC distributor Sigler has grown from a family affair to a leading name in the US’s HVAC market. Leveraging more than 60 years of experience in the space, the company primarily provides industrial and commercial HVAC products.

10. AC Pro

Family-owned heating and air conditioning distributor AC Pro is one of the leading names in the southwest market, with locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The company was recently honored with an inclusion on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies 2022 list and was given the Affiliated Distributors HVAC Member of the Year Award.

Additional great HVAC businesses worth a mention

  • F.W. Webb

Founded in 1867, this HVAC distributor originally started as a plumbing and construction supply company. Over the last few decades, F.W. Webb has emerged as the largest business of its kind in the northeast and is valued at over $1 billion. With over 2,000 employees and 90 locations in nine states, the company is one of the leading HVAC brands in the US.

  • Bryant

Owned by Carrier (sitting at no. 2 on our list), Bryant deserves an honorable mention as much of its inventory is unsurprisingly similar to its parent company, but is available at a slightly more affordable price.

  • Goodman

Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating was founded in 1975 and offers affordably priced products with a steadfast warranty. Additionally, each heating and cooling unit goes through three rounds of testing before being shipped out. Goodman’s sister company Amana Heating & Air Conditioning is new to the HVAC industry since being acquired by Daikin in 2014, so Goodman might be fighting for its place on the list soon!

TADIRAN is partnering with HVAC businesses to bring pure air indoors

Tadiran, a leading provider of cutting-edge air purification technology, is committed to partnering with HVAC distributors – whether they’re boutique businesses hyper focused on a specific region or operating nationally. And with interest around clean indoor air stronger than ever, Tadiran’s unique hydrogen peroxide-based air purifier TADIRAN AIROW is likely to spark your customers’ curiosity.

The plug-and-play solution is easily installable into an existing HVAC system, with no complicated overhaul necessary. If you’re an HVAC provider interested in learning more about how Tadiran products can serve your market, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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