How to Choose the Right Commercial Air Purifier for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Commercial Air Purifier for Your Business

From cost of ownership to efficacy at destroying biological pathogens, here are the most important things to consider when selecting your business’ air purifier.

The last two years have been an extremely challenging time for site managers all over the globe, who’ve been forced to contend with the radical disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including outbreaks and shutdowns at commercial centers and work spaces. Because it’s clear that the virus is far more likely to spread indoors, many are looking into air purifiers for coronavirus protection in their spaces.

Although air purifier devices can have a meaningful positive impact on indoor air, the problem is that not all air cleansing devices are created equal. Some HVAC air purifiers can be seamlessly installed into your current systems, while others require a laborious and costly total overhaul.

The strength of air purifier devices varies wildly by product – one commercial air purifier might require a separate unit for each room, while others can be installed directly into the duct and protect a wider swathe of the office.

That’s not to mention the differences in overall cost of ownership, like electricity use and maintenance, which you have to take into consideration. Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to select the air purifier that’s best suited to your commercial site’s unique needs.

Biological pathogens and your site

While COVID-19 has elevated public awareness around airborne viruses to an all-time high, there are a number of other nasty pollutants present in your business’s indoor air with the potential to wreak havoc on the health of your staff and customers alike.

Beyond the flu and coronavirus, other biological pathogens like the bacteria that causes the potentially deadly Legionnairre’s disease are commonly found in indoor air. Another major risk is molds – and they’re far more serious than a gross fuzzy growth on old food.

Molds are serious allergens that can cause unpleasant reactions in healthy people, and pose a serious risk to those with chronic health conditions and compromised immune systems. Airborne mold can kill – at one Seattle hospital, infections caused by mold spores were linked to the deaths of six patients.

But many filter-based air purifiers do not remove biological pathogens from indoor air. Consider a commercial air purifier for mold and other airborne pathogens, not just one that’s effective at trapping large particles like hair and dirt.

Maintenance and electricity – the hidden costs that quickly add up

An air purifier for your commercial building is a large financial commitment, and one that’s more costly than the initial purchase price. Electricity bills can rack up during the hours your device runs, with some purifiers in particular proving to be major energy consumers.

UV-based systems that use special light to cleanse pathogens require a large number of bulbs – and each of those bulbs needs electricity to function. Other systems need to be plugged in for any purification, meaning that every time they’re running, they’re consuming energy.

Maintenance, from regularly replacing parts like filters, and deep cleaning can result in a high cost of ownership that you should carefully consider before selecting an air purification device.

How much time and energy do you have to devote to hunting down replacement parts, changing filters, and wiping down the inside of your device? Bear in mind that upkeep is not negotiable. Slacking on maintenance is highly likely to result in a drastic reduction to your system’s efficacy.

A centralized solution

Another factor to consider for your business is a solution that can be directly installed into a central duct, so that you don’t need to purchase a separate unit for each room or area. It’s critical that your HVAC air purifier can cleanse a wide space, so that you don’t have to manage the hassle of upkeep and energy bills for multiple devices.

For a commercial air purifier that makes your life easier while protecting your employees and business, consider a solution that uses hydrogen peroxide. TADIRAN AIROW™ leverages the compound, emitting tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide that is compliant with OSHA standards as safe to breathe, but extremely effective at slashing levels of airborne pathogens in indoor air.

In a third-party lab test held by Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc ,TADIRAN AIROW was proven to reduce the COVID-19 virus by a staggering 99.998%. After just 90 minutes of activating the device, in a one cubic meter test chamber, detectable levels of the virus were essentially non-existent. And earlier testing found that the air purifier reduces levels of molds, bacteria, and viruses by up to 99.98% in indoor spaces.

The hassle-free, plug-and-play solution can be easily added to your business’ already existing HVAC system, and its central location within the duct means that it can purify air in a large area without the need to purchase multiple units.

On top of that, TADIRAN AIROW is a true set-it-and-forget it, almost zero maintenance device that doesn’t require costly, inconvenient maintenance. Thanks to a patented self-cleaning mechanism, the device doesn’t need to be cleaned and there are no quarterly part replacements.

If you’d like to learn more about how hydrogen peroxide air purifiers and choosing the right biological pathogen eradicating solution for your site, get in touch with us. We’d love to guide you in your search.





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