3 Key Benefits of an Induct Air Purifier for Your Office

3 Key Benefits of an Induct Air Purifier for Your Office

Here’s why a duct-mounted air purifier is the best solution to keep the air in your workspace clean and safe.

With so many air purification options on the market, it’s difficult to determine which solution is the best fit for your office. When considering an air purifier for your workspace, you should seek out a system that provides the most powerful cleansing available.

Because the office has emerged as a hotspot for the spread of airborne diseases ranging from COVID-19 to the common cold, making sure that the air in your workspace is pathogen-free is critical. The good news is that an induct air purifier can help keep your office air safe, and won’t require a complete overhaul of your existing air conditioning system.

What is an induct air purifier?

An air cleaning device that is placed within your HVAC system, an induct air purifier cleanses the air in an indoor space. Unlike portable or stand-alone units, an air duct purification system functions as part of your workspace’s air conditioning and does not need to be manually turned on or off – rather, it is an essential component of your HVAC system.

While using plug-in units can be beneficial, the reality is that HVAC duct air purifiers are the far better choice for your office. Here’s why a duct-mounted air purifier is the best solution to keep the air in your workspace clean and safe.

3 benefits of in-duct air purification for your workspace

There are several important reasons you should consider an induct air purifier for your office, including:

Boosts efficacy and maximizes impact

By placing your air purification system within the duct, you are increasing the chances of eliminating harmful airborne contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, and molds, from the air.

A surface-level device that’s placed on the floor of your office can only clean the air which comes into contact with it, so you’re limited to the pollutants that happen to be circulating within the lower air space in the room.

But a device that’s mounted within your duct comes into contact with virtually all of the air in a room, as all air in the space typically moves within the duct before either being introduced into the space or recirculated.

Critical protection against airborne pollutants

An air duct purification system gives you and your employees a crucial safeguard against many of the common causes of poor indoor air in the office.

But beyond nasty biological pathogens like viruses, there are a number of other causes of air pollution in the office.

According to the EPA, the following elements are common sources of indoor air pollution in workspaces:

  • Biological contaminants originating from water-damaged walls, ceilings, and carpets or dirty ventilation systems
  • Formaldehyde from pressed wood products
  • Cleaning materials and other aerosol sprays, such as restroom air fresheners
  • Asbestos from insulation and fire-proof building materials
  • Formaldehyde from pressed wood products
  • Pesticides from pest management efforts

Induct air purification can help cut the risks of these elements and ensure that the air in your space isn’t potentially jeopardizing your team’s health.

Happier, healthier employees

Indoor air quality at work is linked to employee performance, stamina, and even motivation. Extensive research has proven that poor indoor air has a negative impact on work quality.

Researchers from the International Center for Indoor Environment and Energy found that “the effect [of poor air quality] on most aspects of office work performance appears to be as high as 6-9%.”

Supporting that conclusion is an EPA report which found a clear connection between bad air in the office and more frequent employee sick days, along with a nosedive in employees’ efficiency levels.

On the other hand, a study conducted by researchers from Syracuse University and Harvard discovered that employees who worked in offices with superior air quality performed a whopping 61% better on cognitive tasks than their counterparts who were working in spaces with worse indoor air.

For better performing, highly motivated employees, amazing indoor air quality in the office is an absolute must.

Why hydrogen peroxide induct air cleaning is superior

Unlike UV and filter-based systems, hydrogen peroxide air purification doesn’t require fussy, frequent maintenance. TADIRAN AIROW 1™ is seamlessly installed directly into your existing HVAC system and requires virtually zero upkeep, making it a true out-of-sight, out-of-mind solution.

That’s not to mention that unlike UV bulbs, which typically use significant amounts of electricity, TADIRAN AIROW 1 uses minimal power. And with no need to replace expensive filters or call out a technician on a regular basis, it’s also a highly economical, cost-effective choice.

TADIRAN AIROW 1 cleanses the air by leveraging water molecules already present in the air, converting them into pathogen-blasting hydrogen peroxide. In FDA-cleared lab tests, TADIRAN AIROW 1 was proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mold by up to 99.999%.

If you’d like to learn more about the best hydrogen peroxide induct air purifiers for your office, get in touch with us! We’d love to guide you in your search and help you find the best solution to improve air quality in your workplace.


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