White Paper

TADIRAN AIROW™ Microbial Disinfection and Its Efficacy Against Bacteria and Mold in a Movie Theatre

Movie theatres are widely perceived as potential COVID-19 infection hotspots due to their nature as crowded, closed spaces.
Tadiran and Cinema City, Israel’s leading cinema chain, decided to hold possibly the first of its kind live field test in a populated movie theatre the size of about 700 m3.
The experiment was conducted in a movie theatre with a live audience present, TADIRAN AIROW 1™ was used successfully to actively cleanse the air via patented technology which converts water molecules in the air
to contaminant-neutralizing hydrogen peroxide. TADIRAN AIROW 1 dramatically reduced levels of airborne pollutants, including mold and bacteria, cutting their presence by high percentages.
Read all about this unique live field test in our white paper.

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